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Thanks to invaluable iconographic resources, “40 years in the skies of Belgium” provides a striking vision of the evolution of our Region, city by city. Also, the reader will undoubtedly have a tender look at the changes that have taken place in his city, from his childhood to today. These images all come from the same source: 

Alexandre Laurent grew up in photography since his father was, like him, a photographer and had embarked on the adventure of aerial photography in the early 1970s.

Forty years later, led by the same pilot, the son follows in the footsteps of the father and finds Wallonia from the same angles of view. An exciting reconstruction offering readers incredible comparative photos where some will play to find their bearings or even try to play the game of seven mistakes...

A remarkable work where mastery of piloting and meticulous photography mingle

in a striking artistic rendering. 

Brussels Basilique de Koekelberg 1970-20
Brussels European Parlement 1970-2010
Brussels European District 1970-2010
Brussels European Parlement 1970-2010
Brussels Jourdan 1970-2010
Brussels Yser 1970-2010
Brussels Sainte Gudule 1970-2010
Brussels North1970-2010.png
Brussels Station 1970-2010.png
Brussels Central Station 1970-2010.png
Brussels Botanique 1970-2010
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