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Alexandre Laurent can boast of being born in a bath of developer. His father left France and arrived in Brussels during the Universal Exhibition of 1958, with in his luggage a solid experience as a photographer. A time journalist photographer at Associated Press, he will discover a little later his passion for aerial photography. 

The little Alexandre then knows the great hours of press photography and will fly many times with his father during his shooting missions. From an early age, Alexandre discovers what will quickly become his passion. This true obsession that he devotes to the image, he pushes it to its climax when he boards a plane equipped with his devices. 

Today Alexandre Laurent runs a photo studio   and also runs an advertising agency. 

Throughout this journey, Alexandre will keep the sole objective of the crazy dream of taking up his father's know-how and extending it by taking the same aerial shots. 40 years later, he is following in his footsteps to leave his own mark on it.


Today, to the journalistic talent of his father,

Alexandre adds an undeniable artistic talent. 

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