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The talent of Alexandre Laurent blossoms fully in photography. It unquestionably links an artistic sense to the challenge represented by the complexity of this work. It is therefore truly in the spirit of the great tradition of photography that Alexandre practices his art. Capturing in a second the breathtaking beauty of the landscapes & subjects to be photographed.

It offers the viewer the surprise of seeing it differently. 

Through his work on light, Alexandre redraws the image and its subject.

Shooting Honda Civic
Shooting Honda Civic
Ambiance Chaussures
chien-chat la boiboite
Shooting Leonidas TAG
Brasserie Boon Black Label
Shooting folder Produits
Campagne Abribus Chimay
Campagne Chimay
Top Shoot ambi Salakis - Lactalis
Shooting pour DRI
Shooting pour DRI
Packshot Grille pain folder
Shooting Chien "La Boiboite"
Montage Topshot ckiken duck
Montage Ambi Lamb
Shooting réalisé en Live à l'occasion d'un event
Allibert Catalogue 2021
Allibert Catalogue 2021
Allibert Catalogue 2021
Ambiance Président - Lactalis
Shooting Chimay
photos Corvette C1
prepa detourageHome Racer
Ambiance Shooting Corvette C1
Ambiance Shooting Corvette C1
Shooting F2
photos Corvette C1
Shooting packaging Leonidas
Président Burger Gourmand Lactalis
Marron noir couper Leonidas
Lutgarde bouteille Bière
Lingot lait Leonidas
Shooting Galbani
Kitchen Aid avec accessoire
Gamme Produit
Système de freinage
Praline framboises Leonidas
collier fibro
Chien-chat "La Boiboite"
Chien-chat "La Boiboite"
Cheddar - Grimbergen Blonde
Shooting Burger extérieur BBQ
Shooting Burger Espagnol Lactalis
Brunch amoureux Lactalis Allemagne
Shooting Galbani
Ambiance chaussure & poutrelles
Alliance or
Kitchen Aid ambiance recette packaging
Verre de cidre - John Martin's
Ambiance réalisée pour illustration folder John Martin's
Oeuf de Pâques Lait pate noisette - Leonidas
Shooting Tropicana
Restauration Formule Vee Agnessens0134
Restauration Formule Vee Agnessens0134
Gamme Vittel - Nestlé Waters
Canettes Sanpellegrino - Nestlé Waters
Lutgarde verre
Top Shoot ambi fruits rouges Tiramisu - Lactalis
Alliances 9
Oeuvre artisan
Shooting Fille en verre
Shooting "Tartine Plaisir" - Lactalis Président
Gamme Verres de bières
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