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The talent of Alexandre Laurent blossoms fully in aerial photography. It unquestionably links an artistic sense to the challenge represented by the complexity of this work. Indeed, Alexandre prefers the plane to the helicopter, the latter allowing him greater freedom at altitude, but requires real mastery to capture the moment in full flight. It is therefore truly in the spirit of the great tradition of aerial photography that Alexandre practices his art. Capturing in a second the breathtaking beauty of his city, he offers the viewer the surprise of seeing it differently. 

Through his work on light, Alexandre redraws the city.

50x70cm ChromaluxPro* €450 / excluding de  shipping costs

*including reinforcement and attachment system  


Antwerpen By Night 0048
Antwerpen By Night 0111
Antwerpen By Night 0032
Antwerpen By Night 0106
Antwerpen By Night 0037
Oostende By Night 0051
Oostende By Night 0030
Oostende By Night 0007
Oostende By Night 0026
Oostende By Night 0021
Oostende By Night 0020
Namur By Night 0007
Namur By Night 0015
BXL BY NIGHT 2021  0252
BXL BY NIGHT 2021  0132
BXL BY NIGHT 2021  0017
BXL BY NIGHT 2021  0066
BXL BY NIGHT 2021  0095
BXL BY NIGHT 2021  0190
BXL BY NIGHT 2021  0133
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